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Posted on: 21/05/2024

Greenway Junior School remains Good says Ofsted

Greenway Ofsted picture


Inspectors found that Greenway Junior School remains a ‘good’ school when they visited in April, commenting how “Pupils in this happy and friendly school proudly model their values of respect, compassion, aspiration, courage and integrity,” and that “Pupils are at the heart of every decision made in this aspirational, caring and forward-thinking school.”

The report highlights the “excellent” attendance at the school, with inspectors praising the high expectations held for all children, and recognising the work to improve support for disadvantaged pupils has been high priority. They noted the “particularly impressive ambition for disadvantaged pupils including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND), who now thrive with strong support.”

Inspectors recognised the focus the school has on reading, noting that “When pupils join in Year 3, staff swiftly identify gaps in pupils’ phonics knowledge (and that) reading lessons equip pupils with the skills required to read well-matched books.” As the report states, “pupils make strong progress with reading, developing strong fluency and confidence.”

The inspection report commends the new curriculum which was introduced in September 2023, stating that “Every subject is now precisely planned and sequenced with high ambition (and) Teachers are thriving with training opportunities across the trust.” As a result, the inspectors saw that “when tasks are precisely designed with clear expectations, pupils rise to the challenge and work brilliantly.”

It is pleasing that the inspectors noted how “Well-being is prioritised by the caring staff team (and) Pupils who need emotional support benefit from warm relationships and effective pastoral care.” The report highlights how pupils’ “personal development is deepened through assemblies and lessons, (and that) talents and skills are nurtured through a wide offer of music and sport opportunities.” Inspectors also note that “behaviour is kind and considerate from the classroom to the playground.”

The inspectors saw that “Leaders at all levels have driven successful changes to improve the school” and it is wonderful to hear that “Parents say that new leaders are ‘a breath of fresh air’ who are ‘quickly implementing positive changes’.”

Headteacher Claire Williamson commented, “As a team, we are extremely pleased with the outcome of the inspection, and very proud of the whole school community. We will continue to work together to do our very best for the children at Greenway and look forward to further embedding our exciting new curriculum.